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Online Pro Shops

We cater to gyms/programs of all sizes, and do all of the work for you.  
For a small, one time set up fee, your gym will receive a custom page with it’s own URL with up to 10 products at a time (more options are available at a higher set up cost). The link we send you for your customers to use will take you directly to your page, not our homepage. You may customize the profit built into the products for your program, and will receive a report of sales and commission check about every 6 weeks. Stores may be open for the entire season, or just during select times, whichever your gym prefers. Products are shipped directly to your customers in about 10 days, and your gym is able to provide a huge selection of pro shop items with no overhead or dead-stock issues.

Generally speaking, it takes two to three weeks for us to build your store from start to finish, but we will let you know in advance based on the time of year we are working together. There are no additional artwork fees, the site set up and artwork are all included in the small, one time fee.